Scientific research and analysis

We revise scientific publications and advise on the scientific strength of campaigns, as well as designing scientific projects and analyzing scientific data. We also do general journalistic research, and give expert testimonies.


Our experience in this subject comes from our scientific background in biology/zoology, including the publication of several peer reviewed scientific papers on animal behaviour, and the production of scientific reports and articles on investigations of zoos, pet shops, aquaria and bullfighting.

Examples of our work

Study about the zoo licensing system in England commissioned by the Captive Animals' Protection Society in 2011, titled Inspecting Zoos: A study of the official zoo inspection system in England from 2005 to 2011. Click on the image (Photorgraph by Britta Jaschinski) to download the study's scientific report.


Scientific opinion article on the suffering of bullfighting bulls produced when employed by CAS International. Click on the image to download the article.

Bullfighter teasing a bull which is vomiting blood, (c)LACS

Casamitjana, J. (2008)."Suffering of Bullfighting Bulls: an ethologist's perspective", CAS International

Scientific paper on enclosure size of captive mammals published by the Captive Animal's Protection Society. Click on the image to download the paper in PDF.

Column graph on times of minimum home range in mammals compared with enclosure sizes in UK zoological collections

Casamitjana, J, (2003), ‘Enclosure Size in Captive Wild Mammals. A comparison between UK zoological collections and the wild', CAPS

Scientific testimony given the 3rd March 2010 as an Ethologist before the Environment Commission of the  Parliament of Catalonia about the possibility of banning bullfighting. The following video is in Catalan, but an English translation can be downloaded below.

Testimony given by Jordi Casamitjana before the Environment Commission of the Parliament of Catalonia about the behaviour of bulls during bullfighting, as part of the experts consultation for a Bill to ban bullfighting.

Scientific papers published in peer reviewed scientific journals:


The vocal repertoire of the Woolly Monkey Lagothrix lagothricha. Bioacoustics, 13 (2002): 1-19


Ecoethological Aspects of Polistes (Hymenoptera:Vespidae) in Catalonia (II): Study of a Population of Polistes omissus Weyrauch 1939, in a Strelitzia reginae plantation. Ses.Entom. ICHN-SCL, VII (1991): 59-65 


Eco-ethological Aspects of Polistes (Hymenoptera:Vespidae) in Catalonia (I): Study of the Nest Location of a Semi-urban Population of Polistes dominulus Christ, 1791. Ses.Entom.ICHN-SCL, VI (1989): 87-96


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