Audiovisual work

We produce Power Point Presentations, websites, images, videos, films, and any audiovisual aids for animal protection campaigns and projects.


Our experience in this subject comes from our work on videos for the Bullfighting Free Europe Campaign when employed by CAS International, campaigning reports for Advocates for Animals, the production of an education fiction films for the Animal Protection Agency, and creation of videos and stills from our investigations.

Examples of our work

Video created for the website when employed by CAS International: 


Wrote and produced in 2010 the twenty minutes education film "Keeping Exotic Pets: Is it Fair? for the Animal Protection Agency (click on image to see the complete video from the website of Nick Eriksson, the Director of Photography).

six screen captures of the film Exotic Pets is it fair

Campaigns reports produced for Advocate for Animals on different campaigns. The work included photography, text and design. Click on the images to download the reports in PDF.

Beyond the Glas report front cover    Lives over-the-couter report frontcover

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